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“Email Security for Business” is not just a slogan.

Most SPAM filtering software was designed to filter SPAM, not to deal with the business problems that SPAM and other bulk e-mail causes.

While some of these software packages are technical marvels, they actually increase the Total Cost of Ownership of unsolicited e-mail by shifting some of the burden of SPAM from your end users to your IT Staff, while causing different issues for your clients.

Our solution was designed from the ground up to deal with the business implications of unsolicited e-mail, as well as the overabundance of "opt-in" newsletters and e-mail noise.

It employs a layered approach that combines extremely powerful content inspection engines with a business logic layer and user interface that enables SPAM and other bulk content to be managed by the users themselves, without any IT administration, thus reducing the TCO of unsolicited e-mail.

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