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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started with ContentCatcher?

Setup is simple, typically taking around one hour and our support engineers and detailed documentation will guide you through the process. It really just involves a simple MX record change, user import (via various methods such as Active Directory Sync, CSV import and more, you choose which is easiest), and sending welcome emails to your users so they can login.

Are archiving and encryption available?

Yes, both are available! Encryption is standard in our Advanced Package and even includes an Outlook plugin. Email Archiving is included in the Professional package and it is a 10 year archive with e-discovery, and each user has the ability to access their own archive.

Are you compatible with Office365?

Yes, in fact we work great with Office365! The filtering built into Office365 is not as accuate, expensive with add-ons and does not offer the granularity that many desire. ContentCatcher solves this problem, setup is easy and we even have an Outlook plug for email encryption.

Are you GDPR Compliant?

Yes! All of our datacenters are fully GDPR compliant.

Am I bound to a long term contract?

No! We are month to month, we believe that we should earn your business every month and if you are unhappy, we deserve to be fired!

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