About Us

We’re on a mission to deliver intelligent email security that secures businesses, safeguards their reputation and makes their users more productive.

Email Security has always been our focus

ContentCatcher was born in the cloud and designed from the ground up to deal with the never ending threat of malicious email, and the annoyance of unwanted email.

It employs a layered approach that combines extremely powerful content inspection engines with a business logic layer. The user interface enables SPAM and other bulk content to be managed by the users themselves, without any IT administration, thus reducing the TCO of unsolicited e-mail.



ContentCatcher believes businesses of all sizes deserve the capability to defend against the evolving email threats we face today. Cloud based email security is the most effective way to increase security and reduce risk in your organization from the most exploited communications channel. In fact, over 35% of organizations who choose Office365 are augmenting that email security with a 3rd party like ContentCatcher. 

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