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Frequently Asked Questions

Is support included?

Yes we can help with anything related to the service, and we can even help support your users! Our support team typically responds in minutes through email and/or phone.

Do you stop phishing attempts?

Yes, our layered filtering system with artificial intelligence is extremely effective at stopping phishing attempts. If something does happen to make it through, any malicious links are very likely to be blocked by our URL Defense.

What happens if my mail server or provider goes down?

We send you an SMS message to alert you that it is down and begin spooling your mail immediately for up to 30 days. Your users can also access their email to continue working (sending, recieving and more!) in the full featured emergency inbox in our portal. This is included for all packages.

Are you completely cloud based?

Yes, our system is 100% cloud based with geo-redundant data centers.

Will users receive digest emails?

Yes, in fact, our digest emails for graymail are so feature packed that users rarely ever need to login to the interface. They can safely preview, release, add to their safe sender list, add to their block list and report as spam right from the emails.

How long does it take to get started?

Setup is easy, we can create a new account for you in minutes. We provide a detail Getting Started Guide for the setup on your end, and we can walk you through that in a one on one webinar It typically takes about 1 hour.

Are you compatible with Office365?

Yes, in fact we work great with Office365! The filtering built into Office365 is not as accurate, expensive with add-ons and does not offer the granularity that many desire. ContentCatcher solves this problem, setup is easy and we even have an Outlook plugin for email encryption.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, we offer free 30 day trials of any of our packages!

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is based on the package you choose and how many users you have on the system. You are only billed for actual logon accounts. Accounts that are not linked to an individual user, such as distribution lists, are free. Since we are month to month we update our billing to your exact user count each month! So if you decrease in users, your bill will automatically decrease. There are no hidden charges for anything and support is included in all packages!

Am I bound to a long term contract?

No! We are month to month, we believe that we should earn your business every month and if you are unhappy, we deserve to be fired!

If I accidentally delete an email, can you resend it?

Yes! Instant Replay, which allows you to resend any message from the past 30 days, is included with the Business Package and above.

Are you GDPR Compliant?

Yes! All of our datacenters are fully GDPR compliant.
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